Who We Are


Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition is a volunteer network of community, faith, and student organizations/individuals committed to global justice and peace. We have organized hundreds of street demonstrations, educational programs and lobbying campaigns calling for fundamental foreign policy change and invite you to take action with us! Since forming in 2002 to mobilize opposition to the Iraq invasion,we have developed into a strong voice for peace and justice. Today we continue working for complete withdrawal of U.S. troops and bases from Iraq and Afghanistan.

GPJC Mission Statement

To promote peaceful alternatives to war and violence

To provide leadership in nonviolently opposing wars and policies of aggression and domination.

To strengthen the GPJC statewide network of activists in Georgia and provide support for those working for social justice here and abroad.


GPJC Steering  Committee Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition/Atlanta Steering Committee September 2014-September 2015

Barbara Landay,  Representative of Metro Atlanta DSA (Democratic Socialists of America). bllanday@gmail.com.

Barbara Segal,  Graphics Production. bsegal@earthlink.net

Becky Rafter, Representative of Georgia WAND (Women’s Action for New Directions) becky@georgiawand.org

Bob Goodman,  Media Committee. goodman1015@bellsouth.net

Chris Kohler, Representative of Atlanta Friends Meeting. ck@mailc.net

Dianne Mathiowetz  Co-Coodinator; Representative of IAC (International Action Center); Street action. atlantaiac@aol.com

Jim Skillman, Representative of CCDS (Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism). skilrena@bellsouth.net

Kevin Caron, Representative of Drone Task Force, kcaron2@gmail.com

Kevin Moran, Representative of Presbyterian Peacemaking Committee; Faith Outreach. moran.kevinmoran.kevin@gmail.com

Minnie Ruffin,  Representative of Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace; Lobbying. minruff@bellsouth.net

Tim Franzen,  Representative of AFSC (American Friends Service Committee).tfranzen@afsc.org

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