Atlanta Survival Program

Based on projections, we expect that the new coronavirus will have a severe impact on people in Atlanta. Before long, everyone will know someone personally who’s impacted by the pandemic, and institutions will not be able to keep up with the need for aid. Official support will not be available to everyone, particularly those already marginalized and unprivileged.

Time is short, we need to act now to organize ourselves to care for our communities. While the most immediate needs are for medical care, most of us are not medical experts. But everyone can support each other by caring for other vital needs.

No matter how you’re affected by the pandemic, the Food4Life program exists to help everyone survive.


Is already self-isolating because their age and/or medical conditions put them in serious danger if they contract the virus.Can’t afford expensive grocery delivery services, and must either risk exposure or go hungry.Is sick and cannot leave home for fear of infecting others.Can’t afford groceries because of lost work or structural povertyLives in a food desert. Lack of access to healthy food weakens the immune system, putting everyone in greater danger.


Bulk food is donated by charities, grocery stores, community groups, and farmers.Volunteers are provided with protective equipment and training for preventing the spread of contagions.Organizers dispatch volunteers to make deliveries on a schedule, and handle logistics.Grocery drop-offs are made directly outside the homes of people in need, avoiding direct contact.

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Coronavirus Resources

Coronavirus Resources

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ATL International Women’s Day! 12pm Sun, Mar 8, GA State Capitol

Sunday, March 8
@ the Georgia State Capitol
206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334

International Women’s Day!

*The event will begin at the GA State Capitol Building followed by a roughly 1 mile march ending at Atlanta City Hall*

Full reproductive rights now!
Rally for peace, housing and an end to mass incarceration!

International Women’s Day is a celebration of the struggle of women for full equality! The fight continues! Join us in a rally and march to build the struggle against the right-wing attempts to shut down control of our bodies that is so deeply connected with the other symptoms of oppression we face, from poverty to racism to war.

Roe. v Wade is on the line. Reactionary forces are preparing legal challenges, some of which will be heard by the Supreme Court on March 4th. They are banking on a rightward turn in the courts to overturn Roe. which was a major victory for the people’s movement over the forces that would see women returned to property status, but we won’t go back! Now is the time to take action!

Housing, war and incarceration are women’s issues too!

The U.S. imprisons more women than any other country. Over the last decade, the prevalence of women in prison has increased 138%. Sexual abuse is rampant for women in prison who face horrendous conditions including the shackling of pregnant incarcerated women during delivery and the denial of bonding or breast feeding.

There is no right to adequate housing in the United States and the cost of housing has grown astronomically. Women and families represent the fastest growing groups of the homeless population. We demand that here, in the wealthiest country in the world, housing be made a human right!

In 2015, military spending accounted for 54 percent of the federal budget — more than everything else combined. Military spending not only takes money away from social programs here in the United States, but destroys the lives of the people in the countries we are bombing and sanctioning. We stand in solidarity with the people of the world who are confronting U.S. imperialism and demand an end to U.S. imperialism!

For more information or help organize email call 470.509.4746

Endorsing organizations: Party for Socialism and Liberation, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, ANSWER Coalition, Metro Atlanta DSA, Workers World Party, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, Palestinian Youth Movement, Solutions Not Punishments Collaborative

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Buried in an Unmarked Grave: Pedro Arriago-Santoya

VIDEO: Buried in an Unmarked Grave: Pedro Arriago-Santoya Watch this short 10-minute film to see the highlights of the press conference and burial ceremony held for 44-year-old, Mexican born refugee Pedro Arriago-Santoya, whom ICE buried in an unmarked grave. Mr. Arriago-Santoya was one of 5 refugees to die in ICE immigration detention centers in the state of Georgia in the last 3 years.  Recently 100 Georgia and national organizations led by Project South called for an investigation into the Stewart Detention Center, following multiple deaths, including suicides.

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Global Days of Protest March 19-21 on the 17th Anniversary of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq

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No Tech for War

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Global Day of Protest – No War With Iran! Sat, January 25

Saturday, January 25, 2020    12 PM – 3 PM

Piedmont Park

The Trump administration is rapidly escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Not only is each dollar invested in the military industrial complex a robbery from our under-resourced communities, this escalation could set off a domino effect that could mean annihilation for us all.

We are still living in the aftermath of the war in Iraq — which not only saw the deaths of almost a million Iraqis, 4,500 US troops, and set off an endless “War on Terror” — but also represented one of the largest transfers of wealth in Human history. We simply can’t afford not to act.

Join us as we march in Midtown Atlanta to show solidarity with the people of Iran & to hold our government accountable for their illegal, imperialist actions.

The organizations mobilizing for Jan. 25 in Atlanta are Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, American Friends Service Committee, ANSWER Coalition, Friends Meeting, Georgia Detention Watch, International Action Center, KSUnited, Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America.

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Atlanta Emergency protest: No War on Iran!

Today at 5:30 PM – 7 PM
Woodruff Park, corner of Edgewood Ave SE and Peachtree St NW

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