WRFG Presents Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! Thursday, May 4

Award-winning investigative journalist, author and co-host of Democracy Now!!, Amy Goodman will speak on Thursday, May 4 at 1st Iconium Baptist Church 542 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta 30316 at 7pm.
Tickets are $10.00 at the door or through wrfg.org.

#DemocracyNow! is an independent, daily global news hour hosted by Goodman & Juan González. The program is heard weekdays from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. on WRFG 89.3 FM.
#AmyGoodman began her journalistic career in 1991 by covering the #EastTimor independence movement. After she and fellow journalist, Allan Nairn witnessed a massacre of Timorese demonstrators, they were badly beaten by Indonesian occupying soldiers.
In 1996, she co-founded “Democracy Now! The War and Peace Report” at radio station WBAI in NYC. Twenty-one years later, it is broadcast on 1408 stations around the world as well as on television and the internet.

In Sept. 2016, Goodman and her crew traveled to Morton County, North Dakota to cover the months-long struggle led by Native people to stop the construction of the #DakotaAccess Pipe Line.
The non-violent actions of thousands of indigenous men and women along with many supporters, calling themselves “Water Protectors,” had remained a “non-story” to corporate media.
Democracy Now!’s film footage of private security personnel pepper-spraying and siccing attack dogs on a group of Native elders as well as Goodman’s own arrest on criminal trespass charges and later riot charges brought worldwide attention to Standing Rock.

Goodman is on a 60 city tour entitled “Democracy Now! Covering the Movements Changing America.” She will be talking about the grassroots activism challenging the status quo.
All proceeds from the May 4 program will benefit #WRFG 89.3FM, Atlanta’s independent, #CommunityRadio station since 1973.
For more information, go to wrfg.org or our Facebook page, WRFG 89.3 FM.

Link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1740151266285502/

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Palestinian Amal Nassar–Stories of Resistance April 24-26 in Atlanta

Be inspired by AMAL NASSAR from



and what you can do

April 24-26, 2017 in Atlanta



Rita Ann Rollins Building, Room 102

Candler School of Theology, Emory University

1531 Dickey Drive, Atlanta

Sponsored by Emory for Students for Justice in Palestine, Candler Creation Keepers, and Candler Social Concerns Network


 The Women’s Research and Resource Center

Spelman College in the Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Academic Center,

350 Spelman Lane, Atlanta

Sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine


Presbytery Joining Hands for Justice in Palestine-Israel

invites you to be our guest for Lunch:
Villa International Atl anta
1749 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329
RSVP NECESSARY: please text or call Fahed 404-441-2702 or email him fabuakel@gmail.com


Amal Nassar is a Pediatric Physiotherapist for Respiratory Diseases at children Relief Bethlehem. She and her family members began the Tent of NationsProject on their farm just six miles from the city. Her grandfather purchased the land during the Ottoman Empire, and has registered the land under the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate and the Jordanian period. They have been working to secure registration of their farm since 1991 in the Israeli Military and then in Supreme Court. Until this moment, there has been no decision on what to do with the Tent of Nations appeal. In the meantime, they establish “facts on the ground” by planting trees and offer the farm as a place to gather and gain greater understanding of the current struggle there. The marker just outside the farm says, “We refuse to be enemies” in three languages. Come hear Amal share these incredible stories of resistance.  http://fotonna.org/


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‘The Resistance’ That Doesn’t Resist War

Alaa Al-Marjani / Reuters

Simultaneously with Trump’s Inauguration, the liberal “opposition” announced the beginning of “The Resistance” against Trump’s openly racist and xenophobic reign. Most notably, “The Resistance” protested in airports against Trump’s ban of immigrants from seven Muslim nations. I myself participated in such demonstrations.

Trump’s administration otherwise got off to a rocky start, with courts shooting down both of Trump’s attempts at the Muslim ban, with the White House in seeming disarray, with the failed attempt to repeal and replace “Obamacare,” and with Trump and his band of misfits becoming the butt of endless jokes. All of this helped pull Trump’s poll records down to record lows for this time in an Administration. But then, something happened – Trump bombed Syria on April 6. And, incredibly, he was cheered on by Republicans and Democrats alike, his polls shot up, and “The Resistance” was mute if not supportive of Trump’s “act of courage.” Trump the monster was now legit because he committed a monstrous act. Incredible!

But, of course, Trump had done a lot of bombing before his popular April 6 attack on Syria. Thus, less than two weeks before this particular bombing of Syria, he bombed Mosul, Iraq, killing nearly 300 people in what the LA Times described as “one of the largest attacks on civilians in recent memory.” Indeed, by some reports, Trump had killed around 1000 civilians in both Iraq and Syria in just the month of March alone.

Trump has also continued Obama’s policy of aiding and abetting Saudi Arabia in its one-sided, genocidal war upon Yemen, the poorest nation on earth, putting 7 million people at risk of imminent starvation.

In truth, at least judged by their actions, or inactions more specifically, the folks who make up “The Resistance” don’t care about Trump’s massacres of civilians in foreign lands, just as they didn’t care about Obama’s. But then, 70 civilians are killed in Syria by chemical attack, and now everyone cares. Indeed, they care so much that they applaud Trump for launching 59 Tomahawk missiles — named, of course, in honor of the tens of millions of Native Americans the U.S. slaughtered — in an action which, by all accounts, accomplished nothing but inflame tensions in an already tense region of the world. In addition, Trump’s bombing itself killed 9 civilians, including 4 children. And, Trump was applauded for his aimless, lethal attack on Syria even though no investigation has taken place into who actually carried out the chemical attack.

The U.S. government and its compliant media ― who have lied us into nearly every war in memory ― said that Assad carried out the attack, and so it must be true. As a refresher, here is a partial list of the wars we have gotten into over the years and the lies which preceded them: Vietnam War (Gulf of Tonkin lie); First Gulf War (lie about Kuwaiti babies being thrown from incubators onto the floor); Second Gulf War (lie about WMDs); and destruction of Libya (lies about “black mercenaries” and Viagra-fueled rapes). Literally, millions have died based upon lies told by our government and “free” press.

However, that we have so often been tricked into war, and that the chemical attack suspiciously happened just one day after Trump said that we had to accept the idea of Assad as President of Syria were simply not fair game for comment. And those who have noted such pesky truths, and who have consequently asked for proof – for example, military veteran and Democratic Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard ― have been pilloried for daring to merely ask questions.

Of course, what we also dare not speak of is the U.S. massive use of chemical weapons in numerous theaters. Just to mention Vietnam, for example, conjures up the image of a country drowned in Agent Orange and Napalm by the United States, with babies continuing to be born with horrible birth defects as a result, and with the U.S. unwilling to help or compensate these victims. The U.S. also has used, and continues to use to this day, depleted uranium and white phosphorous in battle, causing a spike in birth defects and cancer rates, most notably in places like Fallujah, Iraq which now has cancer rates exceeding those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the nuclear bombing.

And yet, just after Trump bombed nearly 300 people to death in Mosul, most Americans, including those in “The Resistance,” were easily convinced about the rightness of U.S. military action in response to the death of 70 people in Syria. That the first, much larger group was killed by bombs and the smaller by chemicals seemed the difference for people, but innocents are dead just the same in either case. Trump “the liar” is now Trump “the bomber,” and so all is well again, we are told, in the American Republic. But things are not well at all.

That an unpopular President can improve his ratings just by bombing another country – at least if we are told that that country is deserving of such a bombing – while that same President’s massacring of civilians throughout the world is simply ignored, demonstrates that the American Republic is no more. We now live in the seat of a cruel, remorseless Empire which needs no credible justification for the violence it decides to rain down on the world. Who, I would ask, will save the world from us?

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com


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Concert for the Incarcerated On Friday, April 21st

On Friday, April 21st from noon to 2pm Georgia Detention Watch will be hosting the Concert for the Incarcerated in front of the Atlanta City Detention Center in downtown Atlanta. The event is a collaboration between Georgia Detention Watch and local musicians, poets, artists, and activists who want to see an end to mass incarceration, immigrant detention, and deportation in our city. The Concert for the Incarcerated is part of a city-wide campaign calling for the permanent closure of the Atlanta City Detention Center and the end to all detention agreements between the City of Atlanta and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This event will highlight the brutality of the US system of mass incarceration with statements from affected communities while affirming the humanity of all by sharing music and art with those who are currently locked up. The Concert for the Incarcerated will be on Friday, April 21st from 12pm to 2pm at 254 Peachtree Street SW. For more information you can call Georgia Detention Watch at 815-222-2886.

Link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/299302580489023/

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U.S. Out of the Middle East!

We call on people everywhere to reject this latest attack on a poor country coming on the heels of hundreds of civilian deaths at the hands of U.S. airstrikes in Mosul, Yemen and Syria itself. The hypocrisy of Washington — whose military possesses the world’s largest stockpile of chemical, nuclear, biological and conventional weapons — in launching more more airstrikes to stop the use of chemical weapons is staggering, and shows the true intent: regime change.

U.S. wars are always built on lies and claims that they are fought for humanitarian reasons. Whether it was the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in 1964 which launched the U.S. into the quagmire of Viet Nam; the 1990 incubator baby lie which launched a 42-day aerial assault of Iraq, killing tens of thousands; or 2003’s infamous weapons of mass destruction — the end result is always death and destruction, waged for Wall Street profits.

The Syrian Arab Army was winning the war against ISIS and the U.S.-backed “rebels” and it had no strategic, political or military reason to stage a deadly chemical attack. The August 2013 chemical attack in Syria’s Ghouta — referred to now as if it was another example of the Syrian government’s brutality — was shown not to have come from the Assad government, according to UN investigators as well as establishment journalists like Seymour Hersh.

Neither Democratic or Republican party can be relied on to stand up to the U.S. Military-Industrial War Machine. It’s the people — outraged with Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim bigotry, base misogyny, and attacks on LGBTQ youth — who are capable of opposing this war, as Trump embraces the war strategies of the Pentagon and Big Oil.
We are mobilizing people to be in the streets — to reject Washington’s latest war and demand that the trillions spent for war abroad be used instead for people’s needs like jobs, housing, healthcare, reproductive rights and daycare.

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TODAY-Rally for Medicare for All and Medicaid Expansion

Rally for Medicare for All and Medicaid Expansion
2:30 – 4 p.m.
Saturday, April 8
Grady Hospital
80 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE, Atlanta 30303

President Trump wants to go backwards and take health insurance away from 24 million Americans. We think it’s time to go forward and provide Single Payer, Improved Medicare for All, cradle to grave. Let’s Make America Great by making sure NOBODY falls thru the cracks. Everybody In, Nobody Out!

Until we have Medicare for All, let’s keep fighting to expand Medicaid for the ~600,000 Georgians who need it. Georgians are already paying for expanded Medicaid – in OTHER STATES which were smart enough to expand it. Why should Georgians’ federal tax dollars pay for healthcare coverage in other states while many Georgians have no health insurance and rural Georgia hospitals are closing in record numbers?

Join us! We will have signs, but feel free to bring your own. Everybody In, Nobody Out!

Sponsored by
HealthcareNow-GA (www.healthcare-now.org); the Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare (https://campaignforguaranteedhealthcare.org) Health Students Taking Action Together (H-STAT) (https://www.hstatga.org) and Physicians for a National Health program (www.pnhp.org)

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Mark your calendars–Amy Goodman of Democracy Now in Atlanta on Thurs, May 4

WRFG is pleased to announce the return of Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman to Atlanta on Thursday, May 4.
Information about this special fundraiser for your community sponsored and supported radio station, WRFG will be available soon.
Organizations and individuals wishing to sponsor this event can call the WRFG office at 404.523.3471.
Mark your calendars and tell your friends, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! on Thursday, May 4.

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