February 15, 2003: The Day the World Said No to War

15 years ago today, massive demonstrations took place all over the world to protest against Iraq’s invasion by the U.S. and its allies.

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Protest Saturday in Atlanta: Tell Israel: Stop the Deportations of African Refugees and Free Tamimis

Tell Israel: 
and join global action to Free the Tamimis
Join us for a Protest this Saturday February 17 

at the Israeli consulate of Atlanta 

1100 Spring Street, Atlanta


The Jewish principle of Pikuach Nefesh (literally, “saving a life”) holds that the preservation of human life overrides all other religious considerations and requires that a person do everything in their power to save a person’s life. These refugees’ lives are at stake. So we are standing our ground protesting the deportations, even— perhaps especially— on Shabbat, because it is required of all of us, regardless of background. And we are standing ground for the childhood and lives of Palestinian children and women detained and imprisoned, fighting for their freedom. 

sign this statement if you have not yet to tell Israel: 

Stop deportation, end racist incitement, abide by international law,  and grant asylum

Link to the Facebook page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/186172425483961/

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Join CODEPINK’s Week of Action to Divest from the War Machine February 5-11, 2018

United For Peace and Justice along with many of our members groups have joined the Coalition to Divest from the War Machine and are preparing to be part of CODEPINK’s week of action, February 5-11. The War Machine prioritizes “defense” and corporate interests over human rights, military spending over diplomacy and aid, preparing for combat over preventing wars, and profit over human life and the health of the planet.

The War Machine is a massive, global, U.S. military apparatus that operates largely thanks to an alliance between the arms industry and policy makers. The companies that are part of this War Machine earn their profits from the spread of war and militarism.  Their priorities are not our priorities!!

As we join together to take action against the War Machine here are some ways to get started in your community—then check out additional information at Divest from the War Machine.

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Join the protest to Free Ahed Tamimi, fierce Palestinian young woman, and all Palestinian political prisoners.

When: 6:00pm on Tuesday January 30
Where: Israeli Consulate of Atlanta,1100 Spring St. NW, Atlanta,30309

We are celebrating her 17th birthday, her resistance to the 50 year Israeli occupation while calling for her release, and an end the detention and imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners.

Act Now to Tell your lawmaker to support the bill to end Palestinian child detention and find out more about the No Way to Treat a Child Campaign.

Hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace-Atlanta Chapter and cosponsored by CAIR Georgia, Atlanta IWW General Defense Committee, Project South, Black Alliance for Peace, Georgia Green Party, Atlanta International Action Center, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition-Statewide, A World Without Police, SURJ Atlanta: Showing Up for Racial Justice, Women Watch Afrika, Create Community 4 Decatur: Black Lives Matter, The Ruckus Society, Black Lives Matter Atlanta and #GaNotOnemore Coalition

Bassam Tamimi, Ahed’s father, is an internationally recognized Palestinian human rights activist, EU recognized human rights defender and prisoner of conscience by Amnesty, and is from the village of Nabi Saleh. Bassem was in Atlanta about 2 years ago, and wrote this article about his daughter.

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Stop Deporting African Refugees

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking action and signing the Jews of Color, Sephardi and Mizrahi statement to stop deporting African refugees living in Israel (and if you have not, please sign the statement immediately). This is the first step in a series of asks to keep building the pressure and momentum to stop the deportations by Israel, knowing that the global refugee crisis deserves our constant attention.

Meanwhile, in Israel, the 90 day period Israel set to have all the African refugees forcibly deported is running out quickly. In fact, the Israeli government is offering to pay $9000 to Israeli citizens to enforce this.

We have two specific asks right now and African Refugees are counting on us.

  1. Participating in an international twitter storm on Monday January 22
  2. Reaching out to US members of congress to pressure Israel to stop the deportations, end incitement and grant asylum

Information on both asks are below.

Twitter Storm

When: January 22, 2018 African Asylum seeker activists in Israel and their supporters will be demonstrating against Israel and Rwanda’s deadly ‘deal’ in an urgent effort to demand that Israel #StopDeportingRefugees because #Refugees4Sale is immoral and deadly.

Why:  At this moment, pressure on the Rwandan government is essential so that they refuse to ‘buy’ African refugees from Israel, who are at risk of enslavement, torture, rape, and death if deported. Pressure on the Israeli government is necessary for it to stop deportations, incitement, incarceration and to grant asylum.

Here are suggested tweets:

  1. Israel says that #Refugees4Sale and is paying $9k to its citizens to find and help deport African refugees. Ask @netanyahu to #StopDeportingRefugees. Act now http://bit.ly/2mXW05E
  2. Israel says that #Refugees4Sale and is paying Rwanda’s @PaulKagame big $ per person to get rid of African asylum seekers in Israel. #StopDeportingRefugees. Act now http://bit.ly/2mXW05E
  3. Rwanda’s @PaulKagame and Israel’s @netanyahu are trading arms and cover each other’s human right’s violations. Their latest deadly exchange is #Refugees4Sale  #StopDeportingRefugees Act now http://bit.ly/2mXW05E
  4. Israel is forcing African refugees to choose between 2 bad options: leave or go to jail. #StopDeportingRefugees No #Refugees4Sale Act now http://bit.ly/2mXW05E
  5. Israel says African refugees’s crime is illegally crossing the border. However, their real “crime” is that they are not Jewish and that they are Black. #StopDeportingRefugees  No #Refugees4Sale Act now http://bit.ly/2mXW05E
  6. Immigrants in the US are faced with dreams deferred and deportation #SaveDaca #ProtectTPS. @netanyahu doing the same with African refugees. #StopDeportingRefugees No #Refugees4Sale Act now http://bit.ly/2mXW05E
  7. For the sake of “demographic balance” Israel does not allow Palestinian refugees to return and deports African refugees. People are not statistics. #StopDeportingRefugees No #Refugees4Sale http://bit.ly/2mXW05E

Reaching out to US Members of Congress 

If you are in the US, scheduling meetings with and making phone calls to members of Congress will help boost the pressure on Israel. Here are the handouts for members of congress with specific asks which include:

  • Lead on a “dear colleague letter” in support of the refugees. This letter could be addressed to the Department of State or the Israeli government
  • Make a public statement in support of the refugees

In either medium, demand that Israel cease the deportations, end the incitement, and grant refugee status to those seeking asylum.

If you need information to set up a meeting, work with people locally who are setting up meetings, and for a conversational guide for your meetings, please contact joseph@jewishvoiceforpeace.org

We are aware that we are coming to you also at a time when in the United States, 800,000 Dreamers (DACA) are facing the threat of deportation and Haitians, Sudanese, Nicaraguans and Salvadorans are seeing their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) revoked. Additionally, the US has just announced a significant defunding of UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) for Palestinian refugees. We need  your involvement in these linked struggles for justice for immigrants and refugees. Please follow us on Facebook  for more information.

With gratitude for your urgent efforts to #StopDeportingRefugees,

Ilise cohen and Sydney Levy
Co-coordinators, Jews of Color, Sephardi and Mizrahi caucus

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Hear Our Voice: Atlanta Women Fighting For Human Rights

Hear Our Voice: Atlanta Women Fighting For Human Rights
Jan 17, 2018
7 PM – 9 PM
Georgia Center for the Book at the DeKalb County Public Library
215 Sycamore St, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Author Jessica Handler moderates a panel of local activists, government officials, and attorneys impacting our communities and beyond, including: Nora Benavidez (civil rights attorney), Mary-Pat Hector (advocate and community organizer), Liliana Bakhtiari (district 5 city council candidate) and Janel Green (executive director of Georgia Alliance for Social Justice). This event is a part of 7 Stages National Endowment for the Arts Big Read program. This year’s Big Read book is Julia Alvarez’ In the Time of Butterflies.

The Big Read is a program run by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), designed to revitalize the role of reading in American culture by exposing citizens to great works of literature and encouraging them to read for pleasure and enrichment.

Link to the Facebook page for the event

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Conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases , Jan 12-14

bases coalition

January 12 – 14, 2018
University of Baltimore, Learning Commons Town Hall
Baltimore, Maryland
Organized by: Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases

Peace, justice and environmental organizations in the United States are collectively organizing a 3-day national conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases on January 12-14, 2018, at the University of Baltimore, Maryland.

Endorsers include: Alliance for Global Justice • Black Alliance for Peace • CODEPINK • Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space • International Action Center • Liberty Tree Foundation • MLK Justice Coalition • Nuclear Age Peace Foundation • Popular Resistance • United National Antiwar Coalition • U.S. Peace Council • Veterans For Peace • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom • World Beyond War • and United for Peace and Justice.

You can join and support this Conference by:

  1. Registering and attending the Conference.
  2. Having your organization endorse the Conference.
  3. Placing an ad or a solidarity message from your group in the Conference Journal.

Click Here for Conference Details, Registration and Endorsement

To Watch the Live Streaming Video of the Conference


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