Monday & Tuesday Events + GOOD NEWS !

(1)  Monday, 9/25, 12:30 p.m., Jonny Isakson’s Office — Delivery of health care messages (see below for details).

(2)  Tuesday, 9/26, 9 a.m., DeKalb County Commission — Delivery of petitions to take down the confederate obelisk in Decatur Square — many needed!  Scroll down for details.

(3)  Tuesday, 9/26, 12 noon, Woodruff Park — Healthcare/Voting Rights Rally.  Scroll down for details!

(4)  IMMEDIATE ACTION — SUBMIT PUBLIC COMMENT ON HEALTHCARE — By 1 p.m. Monday!  Scroll all the way down.

(5)   Check out for a weekly newsletter with actions to take each week + the Good News of each week!!!






 Now that the City of Decatur has gone on record supporting the removal of the white supremacist monument in Decatur Square, we need a strong showing of support to move the County to action! Please come and stand in support as Hate Free Decatur organizers and allies deliver more than 2,400 signatures on our petition and demand immediate action.


Resist Trump Tuesdays Atlanta

Sen Isakson is our last hope and needs our support as we urge him to vote NO on the new healthcare bill. We visit his office on Monday 9/25 with a box filled with constituent’s messages and the video “A Petition From the Heart” imploring him to save our healthcare. Sen Isakson held telephone town halls. He sponsored the joint resolution condemning hate groups after Charlottesville. Now he is undecided about voting yes or no for Graham-Cassidy. Send us your message urging him to vote no, and we will print and deliver it… or join us at 12:30 at his Atlanta office.

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New hours for Wednesday rally against Trump, racism and war: 4:45 – 5:45


Give thousands of rush-hour motorists something to think about!

(4:45 – 5:45 p.m. each Wednesday)

Moreland Avenue & Ponce de Leon, Atlanta

Join Us – Bring your own signs or use ours:



Dump Trump

No KKK, No Fascist USA

Oppose White Supremacy

Refugees – Welcome to Georgia

Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor

Medicare for All

NO to Endless War!

Black Lives Matter

U.S. Drones Kill Kids

Boycott Israeli Apartheid

Legalize Pot – End Mass Incarceration

We Are All Palestinians

Living Wage Is a Human Right

Climate Change Changes Everything

Expand Medicaid in Georgia


Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition


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Perdue Rally Tuesday; Stand for Justice Sunday, 9/24

#RTT speaker Sabrina McKenzie is back to lead our rally this Tuesday! Trump finally signed Sen Iskason’s resolution denouncing racism and white supremacy, but David Perdue is CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT from the list of over 50 other senators who added their names “condemning the violence and domestic terror attack that took place in Charlottesville.” We demand that Perdue and ALL Georgia leaders speak out and stand up against racism! Perdue, your constituents support immigrants and Dreamers. We want Jim-Crow era monuments to the Confederacy to be removed from public grounds in our state. Perdue, are you IN or are you OUT?

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“Nothing Great About Hate” March – September 10, 6-8pm

“Nothing Great About Hate” March – September 10, 6-8pm

Decatur, GA – Hate Free Decatur, the grassroots group which coalesced around the call to remove the white supremacist monument to the Confederacy in Decatur Square, proudly announces a coalition-led march and rally calling for the immediate removal of the monument from the square.

The County Commissioners know without a doubt that this monument was erected during Jim Crow for the express purpose of terrorizing black residents of DeKalb County. By allowing it to remain, the Commissioners are complicit in the “lost cause” of rewriting the history of the Civil War to hide the centrality of slavery. Keeping this monument in front of the old courthouse continues to glorify Confederate and Jim Crow racism and subjugation of an entire race of people. If the County cannot act to remove this overt symbol of white supremacy, how can its citizens trust it that it will take action against the systems of the same?

Hate Free Decatur is working not only to remove of this symbol of white supremacy but also to challenge the current manifestations of white supremacy and institutionalized racism in our community. These vestiges of white supremacy exist in our school systems, law enforcement practices, immigration laws, and housing and economic development policies. Only by confronting these issues head-on will we make a truly welcoming, diverse, and compassionate community.

The “Nothing Great About Hate” March and Rally begins at 6pm on September 10. Marchers will gather at the Beacon Municipal Plaza, 105 Electric Ave., Decatur, and hear from speakers representing:

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (Carlos Medina)
Council on Islamic American Relations (Edward Mitchell)
Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council (Katie Foster)
City of Decatur Students
Jewish Voice for Peace
Oakhurst Presbyterian Church

After a march to the monument in Decatur Square, the rally will continue with speakers including:
Beacon Hill NAACP (Mawuli Davis)
DeKalb NAACP (Teresa Hardy)
DeKalb County Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson
Flat Rock Archives (Johnny Waites)
Freedom University (Rafael Aragon)
Imam Nadim Ali
Black Alliance for Just Immigration (Lovette Thompson)

Co-Sponsors of the event are:
Create Community 4 Decatur: Black Lives Matter
Beacon Hill NAACP
DeKalb County NAACP
Atlanta NAACP
Oakhurst Presbyterian Church
Georgia Alliance for Social Justice

Endorsing organizations include:
Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights
Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Council on Islamic American Relations
Atlanta Jobs with Justice
Project South
Women Watch Afrika
Disabled Queers in Action
Asian Americans Advancing Justice
GA Not 1 More Coalition
Jewish Voice for Peace – Atlanta
Green Party for DeKalb County
Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition
Freedom University

For more information/updates: events/1560755320642785/


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National Call to Action to Smash White Supremacy

National Call to Action to Smash White Supremacy

In the wake of the violent attacks in Charlottesville by organized Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK, with complicity from the police, we are calling for organizations and individuals to join this call to smash white supremacy!
Take action between Monday, September 11th and Monday, September 18th for Charlottesville, for Durham, for your own community such as rallies, marches, direct action, press conferences, teach-ins, etc.

Actions across the country have shown that now, more than ever, is the time to take bold and courageous action. We must act now to counter the rise and emboldening of white supremacists in our communities and in the state.

Tuesday, September 12th is the one-month anniversary of the the murder of anti-racist protester Heather Heyer. It is also the court date for the courageous young people in Durham, N.C., who pulled down a confederate monument in their city. On September 12th, organizers are mobilizing in defense of these arrestees and the Durham community. Will you join them by coming to Durham and/or planning a solidarity action in your city?

In Durham, Sheriff Mike Andrews has been attempting to intimidate the movement at large by targeting activists allegedly involved in toppling the statue on Aug. 14, and others involved in protesting at a planned Ku Klux Klan rally on Aug. 18. Andrews has been targeted by activists for allowing horrible conditions to continue at the Durham County Jail, where at least five people have died as a result and where, in the most recent outrage, prisoners are only allowed visits from their loved ones via video; and for his department’s collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The struggle against white supremacy in all its forms is just! The events in Charlottesville, followed by the action in Durham that toppled the Confederate monument, are part of a growing movement to combat some of the most heinous, racist sections of far right that have been emboldened by Trump. In response, cities across the country have preemptively taken down Confederate monuments — not because these politicians want to “do the right thing,” but because they fear rebellion and the strength of a united, multinational movement.

In spite of this, Trump’s bellicose attacks on our movement have continued — including the egregious pardoning of arch-racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio — providing an opening for the witchhunt by the Durham sheriff against anti-racist activists and for attacks from the far right. The days of action from September 11-17, both in Durham and around the country, will continue the march forward to tear down white supremacy.


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Rally in support of DACA Tuesday outside Senator Perdue’s office

Resist Trump Tuesdays Atlanta and Georgia Alliance for Social Justice present a “DACA Double Feature” this Tuesday 8/29. #RTT meets at Peachtree and Piedmont at 12:30 to show our support for DACA with a rally in front of Sen Perdue’s Buckhead office. Then at 8 pm, GAFSJ sponsors “DACA 101”, a Facebook Live event.

TrumPerdue think immigrants pose a greater threat to national security than white supremacists. We reject the way they perpetuate stereotypes and encourage racist ideologies towards immigrants! Trump is now preparing to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) with Jeff Sessions championing it.

There is no reason to rescind DACA except to appease Trump’s nativist, white supremacist base As usual, TrumPerdue are out of touch with the American public AND the majority of Republicans, who want Trump to maintain DACA protections by a four to one margin.

Every Tuesday we prove to this administration that when we show up for one another, we can beat back their attacks on our values. We meet at Peachtree and Piedmont at 12:30 on Tuesday and again at 8 pm on Facebook Live to support DACA.

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