Atlanta Says NO to Trump’s Racism

Some pro-justice activists on the Left wonder with all the racism, injustice, cruelty and fascism coming out of the White House why more people are not in the street demanding change.

The country’s resistance to fear and hate often starts slow but as more people become aware of the Trump administration’s moral rot and racist policies it gains strength and on Sunday, August 18, the resistance to racism took another step…Continue reading

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Wed., Aug. 7 GPJC Vigil: Stand against White Supremacy and Racist Terrorism

In solidarity with the people of El Paso, immigrants and refugees and all those impacted byracist violence, GPJC will direct its signage on the Wednesday, Aug 6  street visibility vigil to opposing white supremacy and anti-immigrant  terrorism.Please join us on Wed, Aug 7 from 4-5pm at the intersection of Moreland Ave and Ponce de Leon. Bring signs and banners and help spread the word to your friends and family.Other cities across the country are also holding public events in solidarity with El Paso and against white supremacy on Wednesday in response to a call by several national immigrant organizations.
Hope to see you Wednesday.

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Anti-Racism Rally & March on Sunday, August 18

Let’s all unite to take a stand against racism. Let’s march together to demonstrate the power of our connected freedoms.
Let’s do the work that is needed to end white supremacy and hate.

Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 2 PM
* We will march from the North Avenue MARTA station to 4th Ward Historic Park *
* Rally location near Greenspace C in 4th Ward Historic Park (across the street from Ponce City Market)*

We need people around the nation to join us in the civil rights capital of the world to protest racism and white supremacy. We also need organizations to support this rally and movement to help ensure sustainable change.

Although this is intended to be a national movement, this first rally is slated to be held in the Civil Rights capital of the world. We invite people of all races and creeds to unite to abolish racism, antiSemitism, ignorance, fear, homo/trans phobia, xenophobia, and hate.

Goals for the Anti-racism Movement:

1) Protest white supremacy (including political racist attacks and actions)
2) Raise awareness of racist behaviors (overt and implicit biases)
3) Advocate for the passing of a Hate Crimes Bill in Georgia to outlaw anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or other forms of bigotry.
4) Focus attention on the fact that police brutality and inequities in criminal punishment are caused by racism
5) Justice for victims of hate crimes including police brutality and wrongful convictions.
6) Focus attention on the fact that racism causes mass incarceration (cradle to prison pipeline / mass incarceration)
7) Generate national interest in actively and aggressively addressing racism

Link to the Facebook event
Hosted by Alliance For Black Lives

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Atlanta Stands With Puerto Rico Rally

Join us in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico as they demand accountability and transparency in their government.

After Wednesday’s over night protests in San Juan it is clear the people of Puerto Rico are demanding change.

We will be holding a rally at sidewalk adjacent to the National Center for Civil and human rights on Monday, July 22st, at 6:30pm to show our support for the people of PR. Governor Rossello must step down and give way for a new government of the people. All are welcome to attend.

Bring flyers, bring flags, bring your PRIDE.

Contact Person
Neal VanMarter Prado

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Why is the US threatening WAR on Iran

Sunday, July 21, Workers World Party in Atlanta is hosting a showing of the documentary, “American Coup,” about the CIA manufactured overthrow of the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953. This film exposes the intentions of British and US oil companies and politicians to maintain control of Iranian oil at any cost. The return of the US-backed Shah brought years of repression, corruption and imperialist domination to the people of Iran.
This is a history opponents of war need to know.

Sunday, 4-6 pm

Little 5Points Community Center

1083 Austin Ave Room 203

Atlanta GA 30307

The discussion to follow will include how we can build a stronger, anti-imperialist war movement in Atlanta.

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WRFG 89.3FM Special Program on Iran and Sanctions

On Monday, July 15 from 6-8 pm, the producers of Just Peace and Revolutionary African Perspectives will present a special program providing WRFG listeners with historical background on US relations with Iran from the 1953 CIA involvement in the
overthrow of the democratically-elected prime minister Mohammed Mossadeq to today’s imposition of additional sanctions and heightened war threats y the Trump administration.

Guest speakers will place the danger of US military intervention in Iran in the broader context of the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Yemen

Particular attention will be paid to extensive use of economic sanctions as as a form of warfare to achieve “regime change” in countries as varied as Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Libya and North Korea.

WRFG invites you to tune in on Monday, July 15 from 6-8pm on 89.3FM, streamed at and available on our mobile app to hear from Iranian activist, Kazem Azin; Margaret Flowers on her recent trip to Iran with CodePink, and Sara Founders of the
International Action Center among others.

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WRFG’s Summer Pledge Drive July 8-17
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National Day of Action to Close the Concentration Camps!

July 12th is being called for as a national day of action to close the migrant and refugee camps that have been created along the US-Mexico border and inside the interior, and to let all the migrants and refugees into the country with protected status. Actions are being organized by a coalition of migrant and refugee rights groups in different cities across the country. We are calling on all who are opposed to the repression of migrants and refugees and the existence of concentration camps to organize or join an action.

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Atlanta Activists Stand Strong Against War

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