Anti-Racism Rally & March on Sunday, August 18

Let’s all unite to take a stand against racism. Let’s march together to demonstrate the power of our connected freedoms.
Let’s do the work that is needed to end white supremacy and hate.

Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 2 PM
* We will march from the North Avenue MARTA station to 4th Ward Historic Park *
* Rally location near Greenspace C in 4th Ward Historic Park (across the street from Ponce City Market)*

We need people around the nation to join us in the civil rights capital of the world to protest racism and white supremacy. We also need organizations to support this rally and movement to help ensure sustainable change.

Although this is intended to be a national movement, this first rally is slated to be held in the Civil Rights capital of the world. We invite people of all races and creeds to unite to abolish racism, antiSemitism, ignorance, fear, homo/trans phobia, xenophobia, and hate.

Goals for the Anti-racism Movement:

1) Protest white supremacy (including political racist attacks and actions)
2) Raise awareness of racist behaviors (overt and implicit biases)
3) Advocate for the passing of a Hate Crimes Bill in Georgia to outlaw anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or other forms of bigotry.
4) Focus attention on the fact that police brutality and inequities in criminal punishment are caused by racism
5) Justice for victims of hate crimes including police brutality and wrongful convictions.
6) Focus attention on the fact that racism causes mass incarceration (cradle to prison pipeline / mass incarceration)
7) Generate national interest in actively and aggressively addressing racism

Link to the Facebook event
Hosted by Alliance For Black Lives

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