Saturday, Feb 23, 1-3:30pm
The Arts Exchange, 2148 Newnan St., East Point 30344
(near Ft. McPherson MARTA Station)

One month ago, at the urging of Vice President Mike Pence, Juan Guaido announced he was the president of Venezuela, a public declaration of a US-backed coup against Nicolas Maduro, the winner of the 2018 election.

This blatant interference is the latest attempt by US imperialism to derail and overturn the social changes initiated by the Bolivarian Revolution.

Revolutionary programs bringing access to health care, education, and housing and delivering rights to workers, women, the Indigenous, lgbtq people and Afro descendants fueled the hatred of the oligarchy and wealthy interests, domestic and foreign.

The US has employed every tactic – threats and intimidation, media lies, sanctions, sabotage, funding “opposition” groups and more -to quell the Venezuelan movement for socialism and national independence..

Saturday’s program will feature videos, speakers and discussion on how to support Venezuela and stop US intervention.

Initiated by Workers World Party in collaboration with International Action Center, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND), Regional Council of Africans in the Americas, Friends of the Congo, and Party for Socialism and Liberation

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