Stand with Venezuela’s People & President! US Hands Off!

5-6pm, CNN (downtown Atlanta)

The danger to Venezuela’s people and elected president, Nicolas Maduro from blatantly illegal and aggressive measures to orchestrate a coup is escalating.

Following the Trump administration’s open interference with the country’s political leadership by declaring Juan Guaido its anointed president and dismissing the overwhelming election of Maduro, the two decades of open hostility to the advancements of the Bolivarian Revolution are clear.

The United States has a long history of economic and political domination of Central and South America, supporting right-wing and repressive regimes that have brought poverty, repression and civil unrest to millions of people.

Venezuela is attempting to direct its own path, using its oil resources and the desire of the majority to establish healthcare, housing, education,jobs and culture for all its citizens as its goal.

We demand the US stop interfering in the right of Venezuelans to determine for themselves the direction of their society.

We demand CNN and other major media stop acting as the propaganda arm of the US government with its false and biased coverage of the turmoil in Venezuela.

This solidarity action is initiated by the Atlanta branch of Workers World Party and endorsed by ARAAC, Friends of the Congo, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition and Party for Socialism and Liberation.

(We ask those coming to this solidarity demonstration to meet at the corner of Broad and Marietta at 4:30 to walk together to CNN. Many downtown streets will be closed to car traffic and using MARTA is recommended.)

Please bring signs, banners and drums.

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