Tues, Nov 13 @1:00pm Special Session: Count Every Vote

Justice loving Georgians this is OUR time to demand that every vote must be counted! Leave your school, take off of work, reschedule meetings, WE NEED YOU THERE!!

If you believe in democracy, if you believe that every vote should be counted, if you believe that we, the people, have a voice that must be heard….then we will see you this Tuesday, Nov 13 at 1pm at the capital. You must have an ID to enter the capital, please wear black and come prepared!

For those of you across GA that can’t make it, please make a video about any voter suppression you experienced on or before election day, please use the hashtag #counteveryvote and stories will be lifted up on counteveryvote.com

Gather your people in your county and go to you city halls or your state officials office and demand that every vote be counted! Let’s build synergy and energy across the state of Georgia! Post your actions on

Link to the FAcebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/288197891696366/


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