Protest Saturday in Atlanta: Tell Israel: Stop the Deportations of African Refugees and Free Tamimis

Tell Israel: 
and join global action to Free the Tamimis
Join us for a Protest this Saturday February 17 

at the Israeli consulate of Atlanta 

1100 Spring Street, Atlanta


The Jewish principle of Pikuach Nefesh (literally, “saving a life”) holds that the preservation of human life overrides all other religious considerations and requires that a person do everything in their power to save a person’s life. These refugees’ lives are at stake. So we are standing our ground protesting the deportations, even— perhaps especially— on Shabbat, because it is required of all of us, regardless of background. And we are standing ground for the childhood and lives of Palestinian children and women detained and imprisoned, fighting for their freedom. 

sign this statement if you have not yet to tell Israel: 

Stop deportation, end racist incitement, abide by international law,  and grant asylum

Link to the Facebook page for the event:

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