“Nothing Great About Hate” March – September 10, 6-8pm

“Nothing Great About Hate” March – September 10, 6-8pm

Decatur, GA – Hate Free Decatur, the grassroots group which coalesced around the call to remove the white supremacist monument to the Confederacy in Decatur Square, proudly announces a coalition-led march and rally calling for the immediate removal of the monument from the square.

The County Commissioners know without a doubt that this monument was erected during Jim Crow for the express purpose of terrorizing black residents of DeKalb County. By allowing it to remain, the Commissioners are complicit in the “lost cause” of rewriting the history of the Civil War to hide the centrality of slavery. Keeping this monument in front of the old courthouse continues to glorify Confederate and Jim Crow racism and subjugation of an entire race of people. If the County cannot act to remove this overt symbol of white supremacy, how can its citizens trust it that it will take action against the systems of the same?

Hate Free Decatur is working not only to remove of this symbol of white supremacy but also to challenge the current manifestations of white supremacy and institutionalized racism in our community. These vestiges of white supremacy exist in our school systems, law enforcement practices, immigration laws, and housing and economic development policies. Only by confronting these issues head-on will we make a truly welcoming, diverse, and compassionate community.

The “Nothing Great About Hate” March and Rally begins at 6pm on September 10. Marchers will gather at the Beacon Municipal Plaza, 105 Electric Ave., Decatur, and hear from speakers representing:

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (Carlos Medina)
Council on Islamic American Relations (Edward Mitchell)
Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council (Katie Foster)
City of Decatur Students
Jewish Voice for Peace
Oakhurst Presbyterian Church

After a march to the monument in Decatur Square, the rally will continue with speakers including:
Beacon Hill NAACP (Mawuli Davis)
DeKalb NAACP (Teresa Hardy)
DeKalb County Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson
Flat Rock Archives (Johnny Waites)
Freedom University (Rafael Aragon)
Imam Nadim Ali
Black Alliance for Just Immigration (Lovette Thompson)

Co-Sponsors of the event are:
Create Community 4 Decatur: Black Lives Matter
Beacon Hill NAACP
DeKalb County NAACP
Atlanta NAACP
Oakhurst Presbyterian Church
Georgia Alliance for Social Justice

Endorsing organizations include:
Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights
Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Council on Islamic American Relations
Atlanta Jobs with Justice
Project South
Women Watch Afrika
Disabled Queers in Action
Asian Americans Advancing Justice
GA Not 1 More Coalition
Jewish Voice for Peace – Atlanta
Green Party for DeKalb County
Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition
Freedom University

For more information/updates: https://www.facebook.com/ events/1560755320642785/


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