Rally in support of DACA Tuesday outside Senator Perdue’s office

Resist Trump Tuesdays Atlanta and Georgia Alliance for Social Justice present a “DACA Double Feature” this Tuesday 8/29. #RTT meets at Peachtree and Piedmont at 12:30 to show our support for DACA with a rally in front of Sen Perdue’s Buckhead office. Then at 8 pm, GAFSJ sponsors “DACA 101”, a Facebook Live event.

TrumPerdue think immigrants pose a greater threat to national security than white supremacists. We reject the way they perpetuate stereotypes and encourage racist ideologies towards immigrants! Trump is now preparing to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) with Jeff Sessions championing it.

There is no reason to rescind DACA except to appease Trump’s nativist, white supremacist base As usual, TrumPerdue are out of touch with the American public AND the majority of Republicans, who want Trump to maintain DACA protections by a four to one margin.

Every Tuesday we prove to this administration that when we show up for one another, we can beat back their attacks on our values. We meet at Peachtree and Piedmont at 12:30 on Tuesday and again at 8 pm on Facebook Live to support DACA.

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