NO MORE WAR! Rally Thursday in downtown Atlanta

191 Peachtree Street 30303
(in front of the office of Sen. David Perdue)

From vicious attacks on immigrants and refugees to threats of preemptive military strikes on North Korea to sending hundreds more Special Forces on the ground in Syria, the Trump administration is ramping up the militaristic policies that are destabilizing the world.
The Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition calls on all those passionate about peace and justice to unite on THURSDAY, APRIL 6 for a demonstration against US military occupation and intervention around the globe.
The peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Palestine and Ukraine currently are being displaced, killed or injured by US bombs, missiles, bullets and drones.
Other countries from Iran to Venezuela face open threats of military attack and economic sanctions while conditions for working and poor people in the US grow more dire by the day.

Join us as we demand:
NO MORE WAR! Bring ALL the troops home NOW!
No Militarization of Police!
Money for People’s Needs, not the Pentagon!

Sponsored by
Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition.
Georgia WAND.
UUCA Peace Network,

Link to the Facebook page for the event:

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