Boycott Wendy’s! Atlanta March for Farmworker Justice, March 17 @5PM

Join Freedom University students and Atlanta’s diverse social justice community in welcoming the farmworker leaders of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers! We will march to demand that Wendy’s return to the fields of Florida and make a real, verifiable commitment through the Campaign for Fair Food to guarantee respect, dignity, and justice for farmworkers.

Please bring your voices, your friends, and musical instruments in an exciting picket at Wendy’s!

*Please note that the new meeting place is Wendy’s at 660 Boulevard. Please park on nearby Charles Allen Drive, other street parking, or arrange other transportation. Parking is not available at Wendy’s.*

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is a farmworker-led human rights organization based in Immokalee, Florida. The CIW has transformed human rights standards in the agricultural industry and led the fight to end modern day slavery and human trafficking in the U.S. through its internationally-recognized Campaign for Fair Food. The “Return to Human Rights Tour,” a 2-week, 12-city tour, is the longest protest action in the last ten years of the Campaign for Fair Food. The tour will mobilize thousands of consumers in the national boycott of Wendy’s fast food restaurants. The boycott, launched by the CIW last March, has garnered tremendous support from tens of thousands of students, faith leaders, human rights activists, and consumers of conscience across the country. In spite of the growing pressure, Wendy’s has dug in its heels and defended its decision to shift purchases away from Florida’s tomato industry — hailed in the New York Times as the “best working environment in American agriculture” — and towards a Mexican industry, riddled with inhumane working conditions.

This March, the Fair Food Nation will call on Wendy’s to return to the fields of Florida and join the Fair Food Program, where “quality” is defined not simply by the guarantee of tasty produce, but also by the guarantee of respect and dignity for the human beings who harvest our nation’s fruits and vegetables.


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