#ATLisREADY: 24hr Tent City for Local Equity


The city of Atlanta is in the midst of an equity crisis. Development projects lack affordable housing plans(0-30%AMI), majority(~60%) of city funding is allocated to policing instead of social services, access to health care is a privilege afforded to onlythe wealthy, the State wants to take over under-resourced schools and minimize local autonomy(OSD/Amendment 1), local officials are pushing to close the only no-turn-away shelter with no alternative housing plans for people without homes and the list goes on.

This election season has drawn our political attention away from the local decision-making that is systemically disadvantaging poor/working class, Black and other marginalized groups. We must turn up the heat on those writing the future for Atlanta.

The ATLisREADY community organizing body is calling you and all Atlantans to join us on Monday November 7, 2016 at Atlanta City Hall for a 24 Hour Tent City for Equity. This sleep-out event is a day of action, awareness and solidarity centering homelessness and the factors of inequity pushing us all closer to living without homes; on the eve of election day.

The day will center Atlanta’s present crisis as it applies to people living without homes and those at risk of such, we are calling for an all hands on deck resource drive. These resources include, but are not limited to: non-perishable and perishable food items, clothing (especially winter wear), first-aid supplies, hygiene kits, hand warmers, warm blankets, safe-sex kits, political education, cardboard boxes and any other items that may fit the needs of individuals living without stable homes. There will be music, food, STD testing and a host of other services. Attached is the full schedule and other promotional materials.

We invite any organizations or individuals who are organizing resource drives independent of this event to use this as an opportunity to distribute your items on-site and to connect with others doing similar work.

This Tent City sleep-out will coincide with the ATLisREADY Pack City Hall Event which will begin at 1pm. More information here.

#ATLisREADY invites all artists, entertainers, photographers and any other creatives interested in filling the space with your work to come out and keep us in positive, revolutionary spirits throughout the day.

This will be a full 24 hour event and we ask you to bring:
tents, blankets, heaters, hand warmers, warm beverages, bottled water, hygiene kits, educational materials, contact information to share, good energy and other supplies necessary for a great night.

We hope to see you, your cousin’ and yo momma too!

For any immediate questions, donations, resources, suggestions or encouragement contact Avery Jackson at 515-779-6437 or Taiza Troutman at 404-783-6466

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