Israel-Palestine’s annual fundraiser event on April 22

You are invited to
Joining Hands for Justice in Israel-Palestine’s

annual fundraiser to support our mission:

April 22, 2016
6:00 PM
St. James United Methodist Church
4400 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324.

We will celebrate Fahed Abu–Akel’s
Arrival to the USA, January 29, 1966
and His birthday April 13th.

We will remember the following in Palestine:
March 16 Rachel Corrie’s Sacrifice in Gaza for Palestine.
March 30, Land Day in Palestine
May 15, 1948, Nakbah Day in Palestine (see below).

RSVP by April 15
Cost of ticket $30
Make checks payable to NDPC, memo JHJIP
Questions- call/text Fahed 404-441-2702
North America Nakba Tour
will be presenting their program at the fundraising event!

The Exiled Palestinians
Stateless Palestinians from the Camps in Lebanon

On May 14, 1948, as Zionist leader David Ben Gurion was proclaiming a Jewish state in Palestine, his heavily armed troops seized the ancient Palestinian Arab town of al-Zeeband drove out most of the inhabitants.  18-year-old MariamFathallah was one of them.  She and her young husbandMohammed Atayah and their families were forced to flee to Lebanon, along with most of the town.  By the end of the year, the 4,000 year old community had been leveled to the ground.  More than half the Arab Palestinians in Palestine were killed or expelled and more than half of the cities, towns and villages of Palestine were made to disappear, a crime that Palestinians call al-Nakba (the Catastrophe).

Mariam, now 86 years old and respectfully known as UmmAkram (mother of Akram), has spent the last 68 years in crowded, makeshift refugee camps in Lebanon.  She has raised three generations in the same camps, all waiting to return to their home in Palestine. She has lived through five Israeli invasions of Lebanon, as well as the 1976 Tel al-Zaatar camp massacre that killed more than 2000 of the refugees there.  Please listen to what she has to say.

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