November 10 Atlanta Mass Rally: $15 and Union Rights!


Tuesday, November 10 at 5:00pm
Atlanta City Hall
68 Mitchell St SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Working people who are building the Fight for $15 movement will stand up together for a day of action in Atlanta and across the South on November 10. We’ll call on corporations like McDonald’s to stop paying wages so low that we can’t make ends meet and we’ll continue to stand up for our right to stick together in a union.


We’ll also call on elected representatives to change the rules so ordinary people can get a fair shot. We’re sick and tired of corporations and the wealthy having so much power that they can manipulate the rules in their favor. We need workers’ concerns to be front and center for any and all elected leaders.

Enough is enough, we deserve $15! Join us!

#FightFor15 #OrganizeTheSouth

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