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Every year tens of thousands of our disabled, but independent, neighbors use the services of MARTA Mobility; taking hundreds of thousands of trips. Trips to the doctor, to the grocery store, community events, to their grandbabies school play, and many other places that are important for them to remain self-sufficient. Sadly, this service is at further risk of privatization and diminished services.

At the upcoming MARTA Board Meeting, on November 5th, a vote is expected to take place that would outsource and privatize the paratransit division of MARTA, also known as MARTA Mobility. We are asking the public ridership of MARTA to email the Board, and say privatization is not the answer.

Here are the facts:

– the 2012 report from the accounting titan KPMG, that recommended outsourcing has been widely discredited by specialist in the industry. The public has NOT been allowed to view the full report, for more scrutiny.

– paratransit privatization efforts in cities like Dallas and Palm Beach, FL, have been disastrous, causing awful service on unsafe vehicles not fit for any driver or rider.

– MARTA CEO Keith Parker commissioned a report before coming to Atlanta in which he argued that privatization of paratransit doesn’t work, partly because the low wages paid by privateers leads to high turnover.

– leaked internal memos suggest that once the privatization is complete, MARTA will then invest millions in new vehicles, equipment, and technology. However the Amalgamated Transit Union’s own improvement proposal argues that making those upgrades now will help improve services for our disabled and elderly riders. Making privatization unnecessary.

Contact the MARTA Board TODAY and tell them to Keep MARTA Public

Remember, MARTA is paid for with your tax dollars. The MARTA Board works for all residents of Atlanta, DeKalb, Clayton and Fulton. They need to hear from you.

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