Sunday, October 18–Palestine Solidarity Rally


Palestine Solidarity Rally
Condemn Increasing Israeli Brutality and Settler Violence Against Palestinians
2 p.m. Sunday, October 18
CNN corner (Marietta Street & Centennial)

The BDS Movement has called for a collective weekend of solidarity.

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and allies are putting together the Atlanta rally of solidarity concerning the increasing brutality of the occupation and settler violence against Palestinians.

Here is the Facebook invite:

Sunday October 18th at 2pm on the corner of Marietta Street & Centennial across from CNN is the time & place. This will take place an hour before a Pro-Israel rally.

Joining in an International wave of solidarity, we support an end to systemic dispossession & discrimination by way of the Israeli Occupation and the necessity to contextualize the nature of Resistance: seeking justice.

Bring your flags and keffiyahs!

Themes, Messaging, and talking points:
Dispossession, Occupation, Discrimination, and Resistance.
• Educating about the Nakba, Dipossession, and the Root of the Conflict
• Ending the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank & Gaza, including E. Jerusalem.
• Lift the Israeli siege on Gaza
• Expose Discrimination in the military policies toward Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and Palestinians in 1948 Israel
• Endorse BDS, the international call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel
• Refuse Military Aid to Israel until the Occupation, Siege, Dispossesion and Discrimination ends
• Criticize Shoot to Kill Policy and Extrajudicial Killings
• Speak out against Israeli settler violence, appeasment of settlers and complicity
• Create awareness about the lack of investigation by Israeli authorities for violent Israel attacks against Palestinians
• Demand an end to assaults on children
• Child Arrests of Palestinian children have increased dramatically
• Rise up/Resist until Justice comes
• Highlighting Collective Punishment especially Palestinian house demolitions

Palestinian Resistance continues and is inevitable until justice comes and is in the context of shaking off the oppressive Israeli policies and practicies toward the Palestinian people.

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