Support U.S. – Iran Agreement

Support U.S. – Iran Agreement

Because it’s Better than War

It is painful to watch nuclear-armed superpowers bully smaller, lightly-armed nations into submission. Nevertheless, the consequences of a U.S.-initiated war which would likely ensue if the recent agreement with Iran is not implemented could be far more disastrous than the damage already done. For that reason, GPJC urges our members and supporters to call upon their elected representatives to support the agreement.

            A U.S. military attack could cause great destruction and loss of life in Iran, spread throughout the Middle East and possibly beyond, increase terrorism against Americans, and possibly have other unknown, open-ended consequences.

The agreement imposed on Iran by a U.S.-led coalition of 6 nations is a gross violation of Iran’s sovereignty and self-determination. Iran finally yielded to the United States’ economic warfare and threats of military attack.

            No evidence has been produced that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons. Iran has repeatedly said its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes (medical research, power generation, etc.). Despite inflammatory rhetoric by politicians like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the consensus opinion of all U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies is that Iran has not made a decision to seek nuclear weapons. See, for instance:

However, the war parties in Israel and the U.S. Congress succeeded in creating the opposite impression – that a nuclear-armed Iran could be right around the corner. Netanyahu repeatedly threatened an Israeli bombing attack on Iran. President Obama repeatedly said, even more ominously, that “all options” were on the table. The U.S. imposed draconian sanctions, which crippled the Iranian economy and inflicted considerable suffering on the Iranian people.

            If the agreement works as planned, the U.S. will gradually release its stranglehold on the Iranian economy, and the Iranian people will once again be allowed to sell their own oil. Iran will be subject to very intrusive inspections and will not build nuclear weapons, which there is no evidence it was planning to do anyway.

            Please urge your senators and representative to support the agreement as the best way to forestall yet another disastrous U.S. war in the Middle East.


–Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition, July 23, 2015

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