Tuesday, April 14–Metro Atlanta Families of People Killed by Police to Speak Out at PUBLIC Tribunal


2:30 pm- Tuesday, April 14 @ the Gazebo in Woodruff Park (Edgewood & Peachtree St.)


Family and friends of people killed by police in metro Atlanta will hold a People’s Tribunal, telling the true stories of how their loved ones were killed by police and demanding justice from the police departments and the judicial system. They will be joined by community activists and students at a public event to be held in the gazebo at the south end of Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta. The event will also include performances by hip hop artists/activists Jasiri X and Zayd Malik, and will be followed by a march through the streets of downtown.

“These shootings have been happening for decades in the black and brown community, and we have been demanding justice for these crimes for years. The country as a whole is now demanding justice for the murdering of our loved ones. The killing of black and brown people is unacceptable. The unnecessary killing by police of anyone will not be tolerated anymore!”

Steven Benjamin, organizer of the tribunal and brother of Jayvis Benjamin, killed by Avondale Estates Police on January 18, 2013.

#SHUTDOWNA14 was initiated by Carl Dix, Cornel West and the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and has been endorsed by a broad range of voices of conscience, families of dozens of people murdered by police from across the country, students and people from all walks of life determined that police murder must stop. Actions to shut down business as usual on April 14 will be held in cities around the country.

Organizers stated that, “The graphic videotaped police murders of Walter Scott in South Carolina and Eric Harris in Oklahoma underscore the need for people all across the country to stand up and say NO MORE to police being given a green light to murder people. On April 14 – disrupt business as usual because America’s business as usual means police killing Black and Latino people!”

Tribunal participants in Atlanta will include:

 TJ Thomas:  brother of Nicholas Thomas, killed by   Smyrna Police 3/24/2015
Carolyn Giummo, Tamara Giummo,   Bridget Anderson:  mother, sister   and girlfriend of Anthony Hill, killed by DeKalb County Police 3/9/2015
 DeLisa Davis:  sister of Kevin Davis, killed by DeKalb   County Police 12/29/2015
Delzora Wall:  mother of Zaus Barnett, killed by   Atlanta Police on 5/31/2013
 Steven Benjamin:  brother of Jayvis Benjamin, killed by Avondale   Estates Police 1/18/2013


National Website:  www.stopmassincarceration.net


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