Monday, March 2, “Move Medicaid Forward” Rally at the Capitol

Last year Moral Monday Georgia created a national spotlight on Georgia specifically around our Governors refusal to expand Medicaid. Everything we said would happen is becoming a reality. Hospitals have closed in rural Georgia, more face serious hardship and could close as well. Georgians are needlessly dying so a small group of political extremists can posture as anti-Obama.

Georgia can’t afford to wait!

We believe we have an opportunity and perhaps an obligation to generations in front of us, to dramatize the crisis of economic priority that is upon us. Moral Monday Georgia will be demanding Georgia lawmakers find a way to Expand Medicaid in Georgia. This will be our focus Monday March 2nd.

11am: Teach in at Central Presbyterian Church, 201 Washington st SW, Atlanta 30303
12pm: Lunch at Central Presbyterian
1pm: We lobby our lawmakers at the Capitol
3pm: BOLD action inside the capitol on the south steps on the 2nd floor

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Link to the Facebook page for the event:


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