How to Build and Maintain an Anti-War Movement in an Era of Endless War

Is War the New Normal? Join a community discussion as we grapple with the question of how to build and maintain an anti-war movement in an era of endless war. With the direct intervention of the US in Syria, there are now multiple countries where the Pentagon and CIA currently conduct bombing raids and/or drone attacks including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Several other armed conflicts are fueled by US interference and military aid such as Palestine and Ukraine.

The responsibilities of the anti-war movement are more urgent than ever to provide analysis, action and unity to all those impacted by the ravages and costs of war here and abroad.
This is an open discussion hosted by the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition to engage seasoned and new activists in the growth of a revitalized anti-war movement in Atlanta.
Monday, October 6 at 6:30pm
Little Five Points Community Center
1083 Austin Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
Here is the link to the Facebook page:
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