Protest Against Atrocities in Palestine

Friday at 4:00 Pm- 7:00 pm
CNN center at 190 Marietta Street Atlanta, GA( corner of Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Marietta Street)

Link to the Facebook page for the event:


The purpose of this protest is to unite and stand in solidarity with the innocent civilians who have been a victim of Israeli aggression and occupation for over 60 years. This is not a protest to glorify any political party or militant group. This is protest is not an expression of hate or contention with other persons. We are there to speak out about the injustice, raise awareness of the on-going crisis and show our support only for the innocent civilians who have been killed over the last 60+ years.
In order to ensure the security and safety of all protestors, and to ensure a sincere commitment to the purpose of the protest, we request all protestors to be mindful of the following:
1. We will not speak or chant any obscenities against any religion or religious group

2. We will not incite any counter-protesters to act with violence

3. We will not engage any counter-protesters in any form of a stand-off

4. We will not cross-over to the other side of the protest and instigate any remarks or actions from the counter-protesters

5. This event is NOT a stand-off with Israeli-supporters.

6. We will not carry any hateful placards or posters that attack individuals or religious groups. Any persons doing so will be asked to vacate the premises to ensure everyone’s safety.

7. We will remain peaceful at all times, even if provoked by counter-protesters. Police will be informed of any incitement or violent behavior from counter-protesters.

8. We will not allow our protest to be undermined or highjacked by violence! That does nothing to help the people of Gaza and ruins the credibility of our voice.

Thank you for cooperation!



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