GPJC Statment on New War Threats

The Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition was formed to oppose the illegal and vicious war against Iraq eleven years ago. Thousands have died, millions displaced and billions of dollars spent in unjust and criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003.
We remain committed to opposing US military intervention and political and economic domination of other peoples. GPJC struggles to achieve justice and human rights in the US and around the world.
Therefore, GPJC condemns the actions by the US government and agencies to fund and promote right-wing and pro-fascist elements in Venezuela and the Ukraine to bring about regime change, more amenable to corporate interests.
The hostility of successive US administrations to the progressive government of Venezuela is well-documented. Only the mass mobilization of the people of Venezuela prevented a US-backed coup against the elected president, Hugo Chavez in 2002. Now the Obama adminisitration refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the election of Nicholas Maduro as president and instead promotes reactionary and violent protests in the streets.
Similarly, the US hs spent some $5 billion to fund NGOs in Ukraine to bring that country into the orbit of the West and NATO. With the support of the US and the European Union, the elected president has been forced out and neo-Nazi and right-wing forces are firmly entrenched in the “new” government These unelected leaders quickly announced their intention to cut social spending and open Ukraine to more privatization.
The population of eastern and southern Ukraine do not support being under the thumb of IMF demands for austerity. The people of Crimea, formerly a part of Russia, have voted to succede from Ukraine, rather than be ruled by Kiev.
The rhetoric from the White House and Congress is hypocritical and bellicose, threatening economic sanctions against Venezuela and Russia and sending warplanes and ships to Poland and the Black Sea.
GPJC supports the human rights of all people to self-determination and to live in peace and security. We demand the US end its interference in Venezuela and Ukraine.

We say, “Money for human needs, not war and occupation.”

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