WHAT:  Press conference and rally to renew our  call for Georgia to expand Medicaid as  provided by the Affordable Care Act and to enact moral, responsible legislation  and policies that benefit the majority of Georgians.

WHEN:  1 pm – 3:30 pm Tuesday March 18

WHERE:  Rotunda, Georgia State Capitol

WHO:  Some of the more than 600,000 Georgians  who lack health care due to our state’s refusal to expand Medicaid will speak  out about what access to Medicaid would mean for themselves and their  families.

Moral Monday  Georgia is a coalition of over 40 community, faith-based, labor, student and  civil rights organizations and many concerned individuals of all races,  religions, ages, genders and walks of life, who recognize that an injury to one  is an injury to all and all our issues are related.

WHY:  The Georgia state government’s  right-wing agenda promotes corporate greed over people’s needs; denies  healthcare to over 600,000 uninsured Georgians; has cut over $7.6 billion from  public education in the past 10 years; accelerates income inequality by  restricting workers’ rights and benefits; attacks women’s reproductive freedom;  promotes bigotry towards the LGBT community; enables gun violence through “Stand  Your Ground” and “Carry Anywhere” laws; and seeks to restrict our voting rights.

In addition to  Medicaid expansion and affordable health care for all, Moral Monday Georgia  supports good jobs and fair compensation for hard-working people, including  unemployment benefits for school workers and raising Georgia’s minimum wage;  strengthening voting rights; common sense gun safety laws; immigrants’ rights;  high quality, fully funded public education; environmental protection;  affordable housing; a fair criminal justice system; fair and progressive  taxation; and a corruption-free government.

This is the  ninth in a series of weekly days of action on various issues during the 2014  Georgia legislative session. For more  information on the Moral Monday Georgia movement visit http://www.moralmondayga.com.


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