Moral Monday Movement Coming to Georgia

Written By: Kevin Moran

(APN) ATLANTA — Since August 19, 2013, a “Moral Monday” movement has been building in Georgia to take back our State government from the interests of corporations and wealthy people.  The Moral Monday Georgia Coalition, which includes people of faith and citizens of Georgia, has been meeting every two weeks to plan for progressive actions during the 2014 Legislative Session.

The group seeks to duplicate the organizing successes of the Moral Monday movement formed in North Carolina in April 2013, which has also focused on opposing repressive and oppressive social policies through protest tactics that have included civil disobedience.

Over eight hundred people have been arrested in Moral Monday protests in North Carolina that have involved entering the State Capitol and then being arrested.  Weekly attendance in North Carolina has been estimated at around 2,500 people.

North Carolina’s Moral Mondays have focused on opposing Republican redistricting and other voting changes; cuts to social programs; proposed tax changes that would increase the sales tax; cuts to public education; challenges to abortion rights; and other issues.

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