Dignity and Respect, March and Rally for Immigration Reform

Dignity and Respect, March and Rally for Immigration Reform
PLACE: Georgia Capitol Downtown Atlanta Washington St,
DATE: Saturday October 5th, 2013
TIME: 10:00 AM …
MORE INFO: 770 457 5232
While the US Congress is in recess 44 000 people have been processed for deportation; therefore, the demand to stop deportations also has become a requirement in our immigrant communities. There is an urgent need for a permanent legislative solution, while pushing for the immediate relief against deportation. We cannot wait, we need to mobilize from within our own communities to reach national levels to ensure that President Barack Obama and each of the Congressmen are working in the same way and in the same direction for a solution that benefits our immigrant community. The time to consider the immigrant community as political leverage is over, we want results and we will continue fighting for a solution that benefits millions of immigrants, and will not accept less! For these reasons and as part of the national effort, the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), makes a call to the community in general, to all non-profit organizations, faith groups, businesses, media and individuals interested in this fight for equality, to participate and advertise for the Rally / March which will take place on October 5th as part of a Day of National Mobilization.
EVENTO: Dignidad y Respeto, Marcha por la Reforma Migratoria
LUGAR: Georgia Capitol Downtown Atlanta Washington St,
FECHA: Sábado 5 de Octubre, 2013
HORA: 10:00 AM
MAS INFORMACIÓN: 770 457 5232
For additional information,
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